Demo Server

Demo platform might be offline some at some times, check status here. :sparkles:

Our Coding examples

Start server locally

yarn start

A simple Real-Estate Funding/Tokenization Example

Demo of Real Estate Investment - password is “charly”.

Aragon: Wire-transfer to a 0x address

The Aragon platform supports the management of organizations and communities using Smart Contracts. With elment36, these organizations can reach out to users without blockchain knowlegde and use the tradional payment network e.g. for funding purposes, without loosing the safety and transparency of blockchain apps. See a list of Aragon Dapps here.

Try out and test WALLET-FREE transfers to Aragon. You may create own contracts or use any ERC20 contract instead.

Ethereum: contract initiates wire-transfer

Trigger wire (bank) transfers via Smart Contract. This project contains a demo-contract deloyed on mainnet and several Testnets:

For reaching people without an 0x address, our ERC20 offers following function:

function transferClue(bytes32 identityClue, uint256 value)

Instead of an 0x-adress of a wallet you give a “clue” about the identiy. The clue is evaluated on the cash36 backend using the ethereum event log. If the clue can be resolved to an identity, the payment will be done by either a transaction a wallet or to a bank account. As clue we currently use transaction hashes as follows:

Cash36 contracts are here, NPM is here.

Reveal identity of sender

If a user sends CHF36 or EUR36 to a 0x wallet, the recipient gets the right to reveal the identity (email, firstname, lastname) of the user. Remember - our ERC20 lets you transfer tokens only if wallets are registered. Example for revealing data:

  const data = await Kyc.revealData(username, password, clue);

The clue can be a transaction hash or a wallet address. Check demo source here.

Onboarding users via API

You can send users to or clone our fontend
here to make your own. The frontend can connect to mainnet or to exsiting contracts on several testnets.

You may also use our API here to upload KYC data.

So far, users need to go through our KYC process if you want to use our tokens. By cloning our backend you can create your own Stablecoins and connect them to your own bank account. Be aware that this has legal consequences, depending in which juristiction you are in.

Please contact if you are interested in such a solution.