QR-Code to Smart Contract
... and back again!

Here we want to show that you can connect ANY SMART CONTRACT to the banking network with element36. As example use the QR-Invoice (ISO 20022 standard) and the the popular Aragon platform, where anone can create Smart Contracts to create decentralized organizations, issue tokens, manage funding or own funds.

  1. Click button
  2. Onboard & KYC yourself if not done yet
  3. Funds will be sent to Aragon Smart Contract
  4. (Smart Contract may trigger wire-transfers to your registered bank account)

Give it a try! ... or check out the source on github.


Simulated payments & KYC on rinkeby network.

Clicking "simulate" will simulate the wire-transfer of the payment-slip below. Monitor the blockchain transaction on etherscan or watch the changing balance on the sample Aragon contract when the transactions get processed.

You may log into demo.e36.io with the demo-user used in the simulation:

  • user: demo@element36.io
  • password: Element36.io

Smart Contracts with real money

An Aragon contract on mainnet using real (live) payments and KYC.

Donate minimum 5 EUR to us :)
After the payment you NEED TO DO FULL KYC on cash36.io or upload data via our API. If identification is successful, your payment will converted to our stablecoin and sent to the contract. Check funds on Aragon or etherscan. Based on the transaction-hash, the contracts can send back funds to you.

   QR-Code for the wire transfer will appear here after clicking the button.    

You may create your own Aragon Contracts and clone our github project to create your own UI. Contact us if you want to know more, need help or if you want to create your own Stablecoins for your Dapp. Apply for the zero fee partner program here